FAST Certification Online

FAST Certification Online. FAST stands for First Aid For Severe Trauma. Learn about bleeding emergencies online! After completion of this course, participants/students, parents and caregivers will never have to live life with the thought of “What If”. “What If I Learned First Aid For Severe Trauma (FAST) for bleeding emergencies?”, or push through life with the burden of thinking “If Only I Had Learned First Aid For severe Trauma (FAST) for bleeding emergencies”. Check the scene, Call for help by calling EMS for urgent care, and Care for the victim while help is on the way. The FAST Online course (First Aid For Severe Trauma) will teach students/participants how to recognize severe, life-threatening bleeding emergencies due to trauma and what the proper actions that need to be taken to control bleeding, by decreasing blood flow with a tourniquet and applying dressings, in order to save a victims life by decreasing the victim’s blood flow. In order to complete the course, students/participants must pass a quiz at the end of the course. Allow 30 minutes to complete the course.

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Remember to Check the scene, Call for help by calling EMS for urgent care, and Care for the victim while help is on the way. This particular FAST Certification Online Voucher does not meet OSHA requirements for the workplace. Please keep in mind that this course if for educational purposes and in order to ascertain an OSHA certification for the workplace student/participant must attend either a blended learning course or an in person course. These courses will assess the students/participants skill set.

In contrast to blended learning and in person classes, online only courses are intended for acquiring knowledge and are for educational purposes only. With this in mind, it is important to note that certain online only courses do not offer in person skills sessions. For this purpose, online only courses that lack a skills session are not recognized by OSHA.

Please take time to review all online course vouchers available. There is no limit to he amount of education a person can acquire and it’s best to take advantage of any opportunity you can to grow your knowledge.