First Aid CPR AED Child and Infant Online Course Vouchers

After completion of this course, parents and caregivers will never have to live life with the thought of “What If”. “What If I Learned CPR?”, or push through life with the burden of thinking “If Only I Had Learned CPR”. This course creates a simulated First Aid CPR training with AED training experience that is highly interactive which is directly focuses toward the wellbeing of your children and or infants. In the virtual setting, parents and caregivers, students/participants will be educated on how to respond accordingly to real life emergencies involving their infants and children. During the Child and Infant First Aid CPR training online course with AED training included, parents and caregivers, students/participants will learn to recognize and respond to victims suffering from first aid, breathing and cardiac emergencies. Proper techniques for administering First Aid CPR and AED treatments are covered in detail during this course. Participants will gain the knowledge to identify the signs and symptoms in order to identify if the child or infant is in respiratory arrest. Participants will also be provided with education in which the proper steps that need to be taken in order to save a choking infant and or child life. This CPR training course covers First AID and AED use as well and issues a certification of completion that is not recognized by OSHA. Allow approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes to complete the First Aid CPR AED Child and Infant Online Course Vouchers.

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This particular First Aid CPR AED Child and Infant Online Course Voucher does not meet OSHA requirements for the workplace. Please keep in mind that this course if for educational purposes and in order to ascertain an OSHA CPR certification for the workplace student/participant must attend either a blended learning course or an in person course. These courses will assess the students/participants skill set.

In contrast to blended learning and in person classes, online only courses are intended for acquiring knowledge and are for educational purposes only. With this in mind, it is important to note that certain online only courses do not offer in person skills sessions. For this purpose, online only courses that lack a skills session are not recognized by OSHA.