Returning to Work During COVID 19 Safe Work Practices Online Vouchers

COVID-19 Returning to Work During Safe Work Practices Online Vouchers. Learn about returning to work after pandemic, COVID symptoms with COVID-19 videos. This course provides guidance to employees for actions they can take that will keep themselves, their coworkers, their families and their community safe as business reopen during COVID-19 while employees are returning to work during after pandemic. Insight into new or modified policies and procedures that business owners may implement to maintain a safe work environment and protect employees health during the COVID-19 outbreak are also provided to employees in this course. Approximately 1 hour to complete the video about going back to work during the pandemic, Returning to Work During COVID 19 Safe Work Practices Online Course Vouchers. The CPR Doc would like to thank all of the participants who submitted feedback through the feedback form. The CPR Doc strives for excellence, and contributing feedback is aimed to increasing efficiency of the website so that we may better serve our participants.

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As a Proud Provider of The American Red Cross, The CPR Doc as a separate entity, has rights to issue course materials to students. In this case its a voucher regarding the most recent pandemic COVID-19 video course for safe practices as individuals return to work during the pandemic.


Q: After purchase of the COVID-19 video voucher, how much time to I have to complete the class before the voucher expires?

A: Classes start on the 1st of every month and end on the last day of every month at 12:00 am (midnight) EST (Eastern Standard Time).With this in mind, it is important to complete your COVID-19 video course voucher soon after purchase from The CPR Doc. The CPR As a general rule, with non OSHA certification issuing classes, students/participants will have 1 month to complete the online videos before the class ends and the student/participant will not be able to complete the course. Since each individual learns differently, if you feel that you will be unable to complete the course in the 1 month time frame, please feel free to request a voucher. Requesting an individual voucher gives more wiggle room and the end date can be extended easier than a class that has multiple participants.

Q: If I do not complete my COVID-19 video course in 1 month what happens?

A: When you purchase your COVID-19 video voucher by direct request and attempt to use the voucher after 1 month, the website will show that the voucher does not exist or is invalid and you will not be able to take the class. In the even that this happens, please send an email letting us know so that we may extend the vouchers time frame (please include the class ID in the email). After the end date is updated, you will receive an email confirming your voucher is valid and can be used. If you purchase a voucher directly from the website, without requesting a personal voucher, the class will close and the participant will not have access to the course. At this time an individual voucher will be issued for the participant so they may complete the COVID-19 video.

Q: What systems are required to complete the COVID-19 video?

A: A PC or Tablet with Active High-Speed Internet Connection is needed. Interestingly, Smartphones and Internet Explorer are not supported for this course. If you try it on any of the above systems and it works let us know!

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding vouchers, please feel free to contact us:

Don’t forget to take time and review all other online course vouchers available. In relation to our online course vouchers, remember to use code CPRDOC2021 at checkout to receive a 10% discount on your COVID-19 video voucher. This offer ends 12/31/2021 and may be extended given the fact that the holiday season in coming up. Below are the instructions for participants who are interested in purchasing an online Returning to Work During COVID-19: Safe Work Practices voucher with The CPR Doc.

To register for and access The American Red Cross online course:

If you are a new user, copy and paste URL provided after purchase into your web browser and hit enter. From there you will be able to register your information to create a profile. You will get an email from The American Red Cross to create/confirm account (If you do not see the email, check your junk/spam folders).

In the event that you already have an account in The Red Cross Learning Center, use your existing Red Cross Learning Center password. Copy and paste the COVID-19 video voucher URL that you will receive after purchase into your browser to be redirected to the correct page. The Babysitting Basics Online video voucher information will already be entered and all you will have to do is sign in.

  1. Enter your information in the student details login: First and last name of the student (required), Email address (required), Enter phone number
  2. Make sure to check your inbox. The American Red Cross will send you an email, so make sure to check your inbox. Click the link provided in the email. You will then need to enter your Username (provided in the email) and password.
  3. Once in the Red Cross Learning Center, the class (es) you are taking will show on the Home page. Click the launch button to get started on your COVID-19 Video Course.
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