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Outpatient Clinical Documentation Review

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bls classes Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto Injector Course Online Voucher offered to you by The CPR Doc meets OSHA requirements for the workplace. This course teaches students/participants to respond accordingly to anaphylactic reactions. Students/participants will learn to recognize and respond to victims suffering from anaphylaxis. Allow approximately 30 minutes to complete this online course. All vouchers have an expiration date. With this in mind, it is important to complete your course vouchers soon after purchase from The CPR Doc. In addition, a PC or Tablet with a High-Speed Internet Connection is of course needed. Interestingly, Smartphones and Internet Explorer are not supported for this course. Please take time to review all online course vouchers available. In relation to our online course vouchers, remember to use code CPRDOC2021 at checkout to receive a 10% discount. This offer ends 12/31/2021.