Outpatient CDI Jacksonville FL

Protect your medical practice assets with The CPR Doc’s Outpatient Clinical Documentation Integrity Program Jacksonville FL (Outpatient CDI Jacksonville FL). Our program helps private medical practices secure and properly maintain their most valuable asset, the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This can all be accomplished by having accurate, complete and properly documented medical records. Proper documentation is key. With complete and accurate medical records, your medical practice will be able to reflect the most accurate RAF score, claims will be properly submitted for reimbursement, minimizing the risk of waste and denials. It all starts with The CPR Doc’s internal medical record auditing.

Our Outpatient CDI Program internal medical record auditing solutions are designed to fit your clinics needs. The documentation findings, and recommendations that have been formulated, are used to help better educate providers (qualified healthcare professionals) in your practice who are directly involved with your patient’s medical care. The CPR Doc’s Outpatient Clinical Documentation Program Jacksonville FL makes sure to properly educate providers on proper documentation that can support your most complex diagnosis. Having the most accurate diagnosis helps reflect the true illness of your patient, and also allows providers to better visualize the complexity of the patient. With precise diagnosis codes, qualified healthcare professionals will increase patient quality of care and decrease patient hospitalizations leading to a more satisfied patient.

The CPR Doc’s Outpatient CDI Program Jacksonville FL (Outpatient CDI Jacksonville FL) focuses on the following:

  • Internal Medical Record Auditing revealing Documentation Issues
  • Practice specific Audit Report with Findings and Recommendations
  • Improve Medical Record Accuracy and Completeness through Provider Education and Query Process
  • Increasing HCC capture rate
  • Improving RAF Scores
  • Increase Patient Quality of Care
  • Limit Unnecessary Patient Hospitalizations
  • Decrease Medical Claim Denials
  • Decrease Fraud, Abuse and Waste

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